søndag 31. oktober 2010

Its Mad


                        A Beautiful mind, turned water into wine, but thats not all...


Broke the water, shined through.
 Shaped the earth, created the colder life..


Sparkling through the dark night
 Then walked,  And took forever without a thing in sight...


 Radiated with energy, the great boat of life
The spark....


A Beautiful yours, a beautiful mine

A beautiful mind, put fruit on the vine
 At the same time he made love a crime

 All praise to the presence, one pure thought
Taught him the lessons
This spread with the first migration of the heads
The first wants to flock

Rise with the tide
Communicate with all sides, nothing wants to die

 A beautiful mind

They opened up the brain and opened up the heart
What is man made of?

Love from the dark
The will to invent the will
Work the field, the shield, the intent to kill, the uphill

 Not accidental, coincidental, experimental
A beautiful man, though a touch so gentle
A life so simple to spin on the axis to access the temple
A beautiful mind

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